Digital forensics, threat hunting and cyber security applicability in general receive a great research effort due to the exploding interest of businesses and organisations to protect their IT infrastructure whether it involves private equipment and devices or even more important critical infrastructure such as health, energy or other public digitised services. Zelus pursues a constant enhancement of its tools with latest developments and research outcomes by monitoring relevant topics and participating to research programs.




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Blockchain and Digital Forensics

Chain of custody for digital evidence involves accountability of the evidence holder and full documentation and tracking of evidence passage from one party or location to another. Thus it is of extreme importance to guarantee integrity, authenticity, and auditability of digital evidence as it moves along different levels of hierarchy in the chain of custody during cyber crime investigation.

Blockchain technology’s capability of enabling comprehensive view of transactions (events/actions) back to origination provides enormous promise for the forensic community and current research efforts focus on how to leverage blockchain to enforce integrity and tamper resistance to digital forensics chain of custody.

Blockchain Forensics