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Protect your users with an anti-phishing framework that leverages AI-enabled policies
for real-time spam protection

SpamRival is a tool available for funding under a program only available to Greek SMEs. Check the greek version of this page for more details.

Download the detailed factsheet of SpamRival (in Greek) by clicking here.

Ellada 2.0
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Digital Tools for SMEs
Protection from phishing attacks

How it works

Incoming emails are constantly monitored by SpamRival which analyses them in a privacy-preserving way to detect malicious content or phishing attempts based on state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms which constantly adapts to emerging threats. Moreover, SpamRival offers the capability of setting up automated user awareness campaigns and provides training material to protect users from falling victims to phishing scams, hackers and malware.

A single administration dashboard enables security teams to effectively monitor, log, analyse and report on detected phishing attacks, using a highly configurable arsenal of detection rules, remediation policies and ML-based behavioural analysis algorithms. SpamRival is capable of monitoring multiple email domains with a centralised administration console, thus being a cost-effective solution for SMEs and medium-sized enterprises.

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