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How Can AI help healthcare organizations?

Modern healthcare organizations have to deal with huge amounts of data in the form of diagnostic images, clinical research trials, medical documentation and other medical data. Proper handling and analysis of this data can be an insurmountable task without the assistance of ICT technologies. Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence have introduced algorithms that help experts better understand and extend their knowledge on medical data by identifying patterns in data, analyzing images, searching unstructured data (e.g. medical notes), accelerating drug discovery, offering predictive analytics and more. It is therefore evident that investing in AI can bring multiple benefits to healthcare stakeholders.

Integrating AI in existing ICT infrastructures

Enhancing existing processes with AI features is not an easy task. Lack of trust in results delivered by an ML system, integration with existing systems and legal/ethical compliance are a few of the challenges that healthcare AI industry faces today. Zelus brings together expertise in systems integration and healthcare AI-enabled processes to support organizations in their digital transformation, without ever jeopardizing conformity to ethical and regulatory restrictions.

ai in healthcare
AI Help Healthcare

AI for Intelligent Healthcare

Based on latest standards and open-source technologies, we support healthcare providers in augmenting their existing systems with AI-enabled solutions or even setting up a cost-effective intelligent health infrastructure. Taking advantage on our involvement in R&D activities and collaboration with academic institutes in the healthcare domain, we actively pursue bringing latest technological breakthroughs in the real-world medical activities.