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green 2 Sustainability Consulting Zelus is offering a series of services towards successful, measurable and
impactful solutions with a focus on the transition to a circular economy.
green 1 Green Consultancy Solutions tackling climate change and climate adaptation are digital native.
Zelus follows the system thinking approach to define challenges and lead the way to sustainable solutions.
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Sustainability Consulting

Solutions in the field of circular economy are digital native. They are directly related with data collection, analysis and user-friendly interfaces allowing their adoption by all of us as: individuals, business decision makers, policy makers and authorities.
ZELUS inhouse skills focus on user friendly interfaces that visualize information in such a way that makes it easier for the user to take informed decisions. Our strategy is to utilize these skills in the service of transitioning to a circular economy by helping more and more stakeholders to realize the impact of their decisions to the environment and simulate how specific actions can change this impact while fostering business sustainability.

Challenge Definition & Root cause analysis

We use the system thinking approach to define the challenge and analyze its drivers and root causes. Starting from the key principle of system thinking that everything is interconnected, we deep dive using the core of the Disruptive Design Method (MLB – Mining Landscaping Building) in order to capture the interrelations existing in a system and understand how they work.


Definition of the northern star

A system is defined as a whole that cannot be divided in any 2 independent parts. This means that the essential properties of a system derive from the way its parts interact and not on how they act separately. Therefore its defining properties are the ones that characterize it as a whole and not as a sum of its parts.