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Zelus Endpoint Security

Protect endpoint devices from malware, security threats and malicious activities by trusted or untrusted applications and users.

This tool is available for funding under a program only available to Greek SMEs. Check the greek version of this page for more details.

Download the detailed factsheet of the tool (in Greek) by clicking here.

Ellada 2.0
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Endpoint Protection
Endpoint Protection

How it works

Using a toolkit of cybersecurity technologies, Zelus Endpoint Security scans, detects, analyses and blocks security threats so that businesses can safely protect their devices and maintain an uninterrupted operational continuum.

Zelus Endpoint Security maintains a continuously updated knowledge base of threat intelligence so that your devices can stay protected from the latest security threats without the need of constant updates from security admins. The integrated nature of the solution allows for faster and more automated responses to security incidents. The solution continuously monitors all files and applications that enter your network and has the ability to scale and integrate into your existing environment with minimal technical effort.

What is in for you

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