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Zelus offers secure, innovative solutions for businesses of every size, from micro SMEs to large industries. Focusing on security by design, our solutions help our customers realise a secure operating environment for their IT infrastructure. Moreover, we offer complete management and implementation services for IT projects supporting the complete software lifecycle, i.e.  design, development, deployment, optimisation and maintenance.

The core of our culture includes strong dedication and zeal to successfully deliver top-class, robust and user validated products within time and budget restrictions.

With a focus on innovation and cyber security Zelus currently supports an innovative toolset for digital forensics analysis and threat hunting. Constantly enriched with new features, the toolset aims at reducing the time to discover the root cause of security incidents and even  prevent them from  happening via its threat hunting capabilites.


Our Services

Solid solutions and expert staff to achieve top quality services
Digital Forensics

Collection, preservation and analysis of digital evidence. Post-mortem forensic investigation for reliable root cause identification.

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Big Data Analytics

Big Data analytics and advanced visualisations. Interactive dashboards of complex data structures for identification of hidden relationships.

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Effective SDLC

Strong expertise on analysing user requirements, designing system architecture and integrating robust and secure working systems.

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ICT Consulting

Expertise based on a solid methodology and tools for integrating diverse software components to a single, robust and secure working system.

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Zelus in detail

Our way of working


We value your vision and domain knowledge. Our aim is to fully understand the needs and propose suitable solutions.



We design our solutions based on a user-centered approach so as to make sure that the final product is what users expect.



Our methodology and way of working ensures timely delivery and a working solution designed to last.



Latest developments in technologies and software advancements are always on our radar. We pursue a constant evolvement of our products without compromising usability and security.

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Focus on innovation and user satisfaction.

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Tatoiou 92, 14452 Metamorfosi, Athens, GR