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cybersecurity Holistic Cybersecurity Solution Zelus offers cybersecurity incident monitoring and management solutions, risk assesment and digital forensic services.
We also advocate user awareness on cybersecurity via training courses and hands-on workshops.
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Digital Forensics BG Holistic Cybersecurity Solution SecOpIntel and DFT provide a set of tools and services for vulnerability assessment, cybersecurity incidents and digital evidence management, threat hunting and user awareness raising. LEARN MORE Based on proven tools


Zelus focuses on services promoting security-related Situational Awareness, incident management and threat hunting. Our cybersecurity services are targeting security analysts, consultants and IT infrastructure operators in general. They span from collection and analysis systems for digital forensic investigations to holistic cybersecurity deployments including security information and event management (SIEM), endpoint protection (EDR) and privacy preserving systems. Focusing on Security by Design, we build on our tested tools, i.e. Digital Forensics Toolkit and SecOpIntel, to develop a customised solution that will enable our customers realise a secure operating environment for their IT infrastructure.

Digital Forensics Toolkit – DFT

The forensics process includes collection of digital evidence, examination of it, analysis of the results and reporting of the whole process. Zelus offers the Digital Forensics Toolkit – DFT,  a versatile solution for digital forensics investigations, analysis of digital evidence and advanced visualizations for cyber security incidents, situation and risk awareness. DFT provides a set of tools and methods like the Forensic Timeline Analyser and Easy Network Visualisation to make the forensics process easier for both businesses and forensic investigators.


SecOpIntel is a comprehensive vulnerability asessment and security incident information management solution designed to analyze, correlate, report and respond to security incidents. It also offers capabilites to train users on protection mechanisms  and countermeasures against cyber-attacks.

Using advanced visualisation methods, AI-assisted anomaly detection processes and real-time threat hunting, SecOpIntel provides a holistic cybersecurity solution that can effectively protect an organisation’s users, digital assets and network infrastructure.


Key features

Assessment of current Cybersecurity Posture
  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
  • Report on the maturity of cybersecurity mechanisms and conformance to policies and legal norms
Information Security & Incident Management
  • Security event monitoring and incident detection, analysis and alerting
  • Digital forensics, cyber attacks awareness and reporting
Incident Handling and Response
  • Support for incident eradication, recovery and response
  • Interfacing to incident analysis and threat intelligence services
Protection from Email Phishing
  • Real-time email clustering and protection from phishing
  • Simulation of phishing email campaigns and assessment of user awareness level
Threat Intelligence
  • Cyber-threat intelligence information management system
  • Digital library on vulnerability management
  • Awareness and training activities for understanding cybersecurity issues and solutions
  • Interactive training material on incident handling