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cybersecurity Cybersecurity Zelus offers cybersecurity incident monitoring and management solutions, risk assesment and digital forensic services.
We also advocate user awareness on cybersecurity via training courses and hands-on workshops.
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Digital Forensics BG Digital Forensics We collect, examine, analyse and report on the digital evidence
found for a physical or cubersecurity incident, with a fast
and accurate process that guaranties results.
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Zelus focuses on tools promoting security-related Situational Awareness and threat hunting. Our cybersecurity services are targeting decision makers and security analysts and span from collection and analysis systems (e.g. analysis of digital evidence in Critical Infrastructures) to network security services and privacy preserving systems. Focusing on Security by Design, our Digital Forensics Toolkit helps its users realise a secure operating environment for their IT infrastructure.

Digital Forensics Toolkit – DFT

The forensics process includes collection of digital evidence, examination of it, analysis of the results and reporting of the whole process. Zelus offers the Digital Forensics Toolkit – DFT,  a versatile solution for digital forensics investigations, analysis of digital evidence and advanced visualizations for cyber security incidents, situation and risk awareness. DFT provides a set of tools and methods like the Forensic Timeline Analyser and Easy Network Visualisation to make the forensics process easier for both businesses and forensic investigators.

Digital Forensics Service

Generally, the definition of digital forensics is “…the application of science to the identification, collection, examination, and analysis of data while preserving the integrity of the information and maintaining a strict chain of custody for the data.”(NIST).

Zelus offers a comprehensive service including all the steps of digital investigations. By utilising the available set of forensic tools ( including our DFT) as well as a proven methodology of planning and executing a forensic investigation, we provide businesses a single point of contact with respect to their forensics needs.

We collect, examine, analyse and report on the digital evidence found for an incident, with a fast and accurate process which guaranties results.