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YEAR ZERO, Circular Fashion Report 2020

By: Circular Fashion Summit by lablaco in partnership with Vogue Business, PwC, Anthesis, Startupbootcamp and more.
Published: 2020
Access full report here.

Executive Summary abstract

Circular fashion, a next generation multi-trillion dollar industry for a better world.

2020 put a hard brake on time for everyone to rethink the way we operate our businesses. It’s the starting point of a radical change driven by force majeure, the awakening of humanity, and the year when the fashion industry started making substantial progress towards digitization and circularity.

A few words about the YEAR ZERO report. It sets a vision including the following :

  • “There is no circular economy for Fashion without digitization”.
  • New partnerships, more engaged supply chain relationships, and new tools; technology and innovations are the key.
  • Circular fashion is the natural evolution of the fashion industry.
  • This is the decade for the fashion industry to take concerted, significant and transformational action.
  • Innovation and technology are leading the way to a more sustainable fashion system.
  • For the fashion industry, sustainability goes hand in hand with innovation and digital transformation.

Read more at the full report.

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