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Technology and its advancements are key in successfully acting against climate change. From data collection and processing in order to understand the impact of our activities and trace the usability of materials to user-friendly applications that enable and support decision making and behavioural change, technology and digitization are fundamental. ZELUS offers a variety of services aiming to design solutions that contribute to the climate change adaptation and mitigation, to sustainable business models and operations and to the transition of our economy to circularity.


How well aware are you and your team members of sustainability concepts, circular economy principles and the ways a sustainable strategy can benefit your business? Have you already experimented with various initiatives or are you still struggling to decide where to start? Our team is offering training seminars and workshops customized to the needs and interests of your employees at the different units and seniority levels. The goal is to:

  • understand the principles of sustainability and circular economy
  • widen the participants’ horizons related to the topic through inspiring and practical examples of other businesses, the benefits they gained and the lessons they learned.
  • identify business and/or operational opportunities, brainstorm ideas and explore the possibility and feasibility of their implementation.

Training is key to the adoption and design of changes, so that all participants understand the reason behind each change and better monitor them in order to continuously improve them and achieve better results. The ZELUS team can also support you and your team develop the right tools (infographics, business cases, webinars, etc) to engage various stakeholders such as your partners, suppliers or the decision makers within your own company to embrace the need for sustainability and the related initiatives.

Evaluation of the circular capabilities of your business

Our team studies the ecosystem of your business. Circularity is not independent of the other actors in an ecosystem, therefore you circular capabilities depend on how a business operates but also on its relationships with its suppliers, partners, customers and clients, employees as well as the community in which it resides. Understanding this system and the role of your business in it is key in identifying also priorities for change and improvement.

Strategy development

Business circularity is not possible to be achieved through siloed initiatives. Strategic planning is required, which will define small and bigger changes in order to achieve better results. Through systems thinking we devise together with your team strategic, science based goals and the respective implementation plan.

Digital tools and solutions

We create solutions utilising the Design Thinking framework, having both the user in mind but also the circular system the solution will be part of. This approach allows us to convert big and sometimes even crazy ideas into small tangible chunks of a concrete product or a service, covering the users’ needs, taking care of the environment and the society and contributing to business’ long-term sustainability. We kick off with envisioning workshops, design prototypes and development roadmaps and iterate continuously in order to ever improve new or existing solutions.

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