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Why creating
a Digital Closet?

VÒNG stands for circle! And we chose this word because it’s short, it’s inclusive and it’s closed, therefore has no waste! Join us to close the circle in fashion and create the VÒNG!

People often connect sustainable fashion with… shopping. Usually expensive or with limited choices in terms of variety and often a lot of effort. As this image vividly illustrates, contrary to popular belief, making our wardrobe more sustainable is as easy as…wearing the clothes we already own! Don’t get us wrong, when we need to buy new, then we should definitely go out and support sustainable, circular, ethical, fair trade brands, retailers and artisans. BUT, the most sustainable clothes are in fact the ones already in our wardrobe! And with that in mind, ZELUS embraced a vision to make… shopping from your closet easy, fun, full of choices and surprises and mindful of your wallet!

VÒNG is a project that aims to help everyone love the products that are already in our wardrobes. We are planning to do that by making the digitization of everyone’s closet as easy as a swipe, a selfie, or a 5-sec photo shoot! After that, the fun begins! While people share their daily outfits and exchange likes and ideas, VÒNG will track their favourite styles and items and will make sure to give them styling tips, suggest to them giveaways of items someone else would love more and guide them through a treasure hunt in other closets! And in the cases, they need something new, they will be able to skip repetitive advertising of things they checked once but never fell for them! They will also be able to skip buying the wrong items and having to return them, because they don’t fit or they were an impulsive buy.

What if you are a business?

VÒNG will suggest its users products that match their style, their needs and their existing items, and raise their awareness about the social and environmental impact of these options, so that they make informed choices they won’t regret! The latter one is aiming to be an important tool for producers and retailers to strengthen their relationship with their digital customers by suggesting to them products they will actually love, minimise their returns and get even more motivated to continuously improve themselves and make their buyers proud of their choices!

So we welcome all businesses who offer services that help maintaining our clothes (like mending or upcycling), or not adding clothes to our wardrobe that we wont wear that much (like renting) or help in better using what we already have (like styling services) to reach out! We and our users want to know about you and where to find you! Moreover, we welcome all businesses who already offer or are willing to offer second-hand, up-cycled, recycled, sustainable, ethical, and/or circular products as well! Because we want to know about you when we do go for shopping! Last but not least, please let us know if you collect clothes in order to donate them to people who need them or to provide them to businesses who will utilize them. It is a fact that often we do need to get rid of items we cannot reuse and then the best is doing something good with them in stead of throwing them away. However, we often don’t know how. Let us know who you are and where to find you! We’d be glad to support you!

Would you like to be part of the VÒNG circle? Fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch with you!