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Treasures are hidden
in our closets!
Are you ready for a hunt?

Join VÒNG! Digitize your closet and open up to a whole new way of looking at your clothes! Appreciate your style, buy less, enjoy what you have more, practise your creativity, be inspired and make someone happy with what you don’t need / like any more!
Bonus effect: less burden to the environment!

Appreciate your style!

Get statistics about what you wear, how often, with what you combine it, in which occasions and how high its value is! Share it with your friends or the world if you want and exchange items that suit you!

Buy less, invest more!

Have you ever bought something and worn it once (or maybe never)? Keep your digital closet up to date with your physical one and we’ll ensure what you get is what you’ll love wearing and what you pay is going to pay off!

Enjoy what you have more!

Get styling tips based on your needs, your style and fashion experts! Get information on how to take care of your clothes, so that they look at their best for longer time.

Practise your creativity and be inspired!

If you like mixing, matching, and getting ideas from other people or fashion trends, and you want an easy way to visualize your ideas, then look no further!

Make someone happy with what you don’t need / like any more!

Why having something hanging in your closet if you don’t enjoy it on you? Find the right person or organization that will make sure this item will be in good use and will be loved.

One building block for a sustainable world

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries. By enjoying our clothes more and making more conscious choices, we do our share to eliminate fashion’s negative impact on nature and humans.

Why are we doing this?

Coming up with the idea of VÒNG, we were thinking that people often connect sustainable fashion with… shopping. But the reality is that this is far from the truth.

Contributors and Collaborators

Would you like to be part of the VÒNG experience and help with revealing treasures through your services and/or products?
Send us a message and we’ll reach out to you!