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Secure & innovative IT services for businesses

Supply chains

Security Declaration Statement for Supply Chain Services

Managing supply chain (SC) activities today is increasingly complex.

One reason is the lack of an integrated means for security officers and operators to protect their interconnected critical infrastructures and cyber systems in the new digital era.

The innovation

The Zelus team aims to enhance the security, privacy, resilience, accountability and trustworthiness of supply chains, through the provision of a novel and dynamic Conformity Assessment Process (CAP) that evaluates the security and resilience of SC services. The CAP also assesses the interconnected IT infrastructures composing these services, and the individual devices that support the operations of the SCs. A new collaborative, multilevel, evidence-driven risk-and-privacy assessment approach will be validated in the scope of realistic scenarios/conditions comprising real-life SC infrastructures and end-users.
This work takes place in the context of CYRENE.

Smart Cities

Decision Making Toolkit

Decision making and monitoring of multimodal smart cities environments

The “Smart City” paradigm aims to support new forms of monitoring and managing of resources as well as to provide situational awareness in decision-making fulfilling the objective of servicing the citizen, while ensuring that it meets the needs of present and future generations with respect to economic, social and environmental aspects.

The Innovation

The Zelus team aims to support policy makers in a smart city environment by providing a decision-making toolkit which can exploit multimodal audio-visual intelligence and accelerate the decision-making process. This toolkit will consist of (i) analytical reasoning for medium to long term business decision-making based on queries execution over the processed audio-visual data; (ii) data presentation and advanced visualizations that reveal hidden insights of valuable knowledge; (iii) Text-annotated attention maps which will enhance video streams with textual information and indications of associated audio events; (iv) Multisource, multimodal summaries, that allow users to explore and understand audio-visual, sensor and other context-enriching data (e.g. weather data, information from incident reporting systems, parking sensors, etc.) and interact with them; (v) real-time visualisations of alerts and detected events for short-term decisions and monitoring, supported by a rule-based engine.

This work taks place in the context of MARVEL.

dmtoolkit 2
Circular Economy

Digital Closet

Promoting Sustainable clothing

Clothes and their whole value chain from design to production to distribution, use and eventually disposal, have a huge impact on the environment and in particular contribute to marine and freshwater pollution as well as to water scarcity. Extending a garment’s lifecycle could impact ecological integrity and social justice.

The innovation

The Zelus team aims to contribute to sustainable fashion with Digital Closet, a tool that enables consumers and retailers improve the lifecycle of clothes while at the same time benefit from a prettier gardrobe in the case of the consumer, better stock management or even elimination of it in the case of the retailer and a more meaningful relationship between the two due to more successful customized recommendations.